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Design Your Digital Project With Us

The web development company Coeur Digital relies on an agile work organization in which communication between the client and the web development team plays a major role. To guarantee a product delivery perfectly in line with your expectations, we solicit your company from the first to the last sprint and at each stage of creation.

Types of websites

There are mainly four categories of websites; each one has a specific purpose.

  • Showcase websites: ideal for companies that offer goods or services tailored to the needs of the individual customer
  • E-catalogue websites: ideal for companies that need to show their product catalogue online but who prefer to manage orders through telephone or e-mail contacts without managing a dedicated online shop
  • E-commerce websites: ideal for well-structured companies with the ability to manage a goods warehouse, with a well-structured management system and with personnel inclined to the user software for managing online orders
  • Landing page: Landing pages used in support of Google ADS, social or email marketing campaigns.

Each type of website can be created both through HTML, CSS and JavaScript development and through the use of the WordPress CMS. Contact Coeur Digital now for our website designing and development services.

Our Web Designing & Development services

As a web development company, Coeur Digital specializes in creating tailor-made digital solutions that meet the specific needs of its customers. Your company can request our personalized web development services for the creation of any type of digital support, whether your company is a start-up, an SME or a group.

At Coeur Digital, we bring together all the skills within the same agency and offer a global solution that includes all of the following services:

  • Research and creation of the graphic line.
  • Website development
  • Installation of the latest generation CMS
  • Hosting on secure servers and daily backups
  • Creation and management of mailboxes
  • Advice, support and training
  • On-page search engine optimization (SEO)

Why choose Coeur Digital for Web Designing & Development?

More than just good looks- It is known that a potential customer makes the first impression of your business on the appearance of your site. Coeur Digital offers effective web design and development that will make your site functional and easy to use as it is beautiful.

Tailor-made web development for your project- Our tailor-made development guarantees your company innovative online services that perfectly meet your expectations, those of your customers or employees, as well as various technical, organizational, financial and marketing constraints.

A reliable and innovative digital solution- Our web developers benefit from continuous training in the latest generation technologies. Gathered around an agile organization, our team guarantees the creation of a reliable, innovative and ready-to-deploy solution. Calling on our web development company means being accompanied towards digital excellence.

Working together on design and development- We work with you to plan and execute every element of your website to connect with your audience and communicate your message while enhancing your brand.


Why hire a web development company?

Web development consists of writing the content of a digital tool in computer and technical language. The use of different languages ​​such as HTML/CSS, PHP or JavaScript allows the creation of programs intended to make your web application functional. Responsible for programming, the web developer has the skills necessary to create websites, mobile applications, software and computer programs tailored to meet the needs of a company and its customers.

How many pages should a website have?

There is no precise number of pages that a website must-have, but it is important to evaluate what your company wants to communicate, which market it is targeting, and what strategy you want to adopt to bring traffic. The number of pages is also linked to the positioning on search engines.

Is Search engine positioning included?

In the creation of a website, if not explicitly stated, positioning on search engines is not included. By not purchasing any services, your site’s position will not be guaranteed and monitored.

Where will the website be hosted?

If you already have a web space, we can consider using it. Even if we have the possibility to host your website, we do not oblige you to keep it in our spaces.

How long does it take to create a website?

Each site is a case in itself. There are sites that are built in a few days, others that take more than a month. It is also necessary to calculate the time needed to write the texts that must be unique and not copied from other sources but be ad hoc for the site.

We handle everything for you!

Our Packages


Package 1

Rs 2999 /Month*
  • Free Webiste Create On Google
  • Local SEO Promotions
  • 4 Google Informative Post
  • FB, Insta, Youtube, Linkedin Page
  • 4 Post on each Social Media Platform
  • 20 Guaranteed Leads

Package 2

Rs 5999 /Month*
  • Free Own Statics Website With Domain Hosting + 1 Year Maintanance
  • 4 Google Informative Post
  • FB, Insta, Youtube, Linkedin Page
  • 8 Post on each Social Media Platform
  • 30 Quality Backlinks Create- High DA Sites
  • 50 Guaranteed Leads

Package 3

Rs 9999 /Month*
  • Free Own Dynamic Website With Domain Hosting + 1 Year Maintanance
  • 4 Google Informative Post
  • FB, Insta, Youtube, Linkedin Page
  • 12 Post on each Social Media Platform
  • 10 Keywords Ranking On Top Of Google
  • 50 Quality Mixed Backlinks Create
  • 80 Guaranteed Leads

Why Choose Us?

We are the right term for your business. We have the expertise and knowledge to offer impartial advice and services at an honest price.

With us you’ll feel heard. We listen to our client requirements and then select the right solution that fits. We care for your business as our own. We take a sincere interest in it and genuinely want to help your company reach its potential.