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Our services in social referencing (SMO)

The SMO translates into a set of actions aimed at developing your visibility on social networks. The objective of this approach is, therefore, to focus on reaching new targets and on strengthening your brand’s audience. To achieve this, our experts offer the following services.

An SMO audit of your brand- This process determines your presence on social networks. Coeur Digital offer you an inventory of your degree of notoriety on popular platforms. Obviously, we provide you with relevant solutions to remedy your problems and quickly reach as many potential customers as possible.

A personalized SMO strategy- At the end of our first study, we establish an SMO strategy corresponding to the needs of your entity. In this step, we list the primary characteristics of your targets. This phase remains essential to be able to select the most appropriate social media for your profile.

Building a qualified audience gives you better visibility and improves the conversion rate of Internet users. Animation is then carried around your brand in order to retain a good number of customers.

Optimized and impactful pages on the social web- A good presence on social networks requires a good strategy and, above all, an investment in time. This is why Coeur Digital’s team accompanies you full-time to build you relevant and reliable profiles on social networks.

In addition, to measure the results, we also manage the key performance indicators to judge the effectiveness of the techniques discussed. This analysis looks in particular at the reach of your messages, the commitment aroused from your audience and the number of traffic.

Our Social Media Approach

Social Media Optimization is a complex activity that requires diverse and complementary skills. Coeur Digital has an effective strategy based on our experience with the web and social media. The 5 steps of our approach are:

Setting goals- If you do not know which port to sail to, the wind is not good. Setting goals for social media is the first step in implementing a strategy. Choose the social media that best meets the expectations of your community, depending on your goals of community management. At this point, you will examine the characteristics of your target audience (age, gender, interests, etc.) to improve communication with them.

Designing effective editorial strategies – The main purpose of community managers is to build relationships with society. You cannot do this without an editing strategy. This is what makes your brand known on social media. In addition to trust, editorial strategies help build loyalty to your community.

Getting on social media: Community growth – The bigger the community, the greater the impact on social media. That’s why we create acquisition campaigns on Facebook and Twitter. Facebook ads are very effective at targeting and helping you reach more people. Coeur Digital sets up campaigns that are optimized to reach your target audience.

Leading and engaging communities – The goal of social media is community engagement. Having many fans who do not interact with the brand does not help much. To enable people to interact, we offer regular, high-quality content.

Performance Analysis – Measuring performance on social media is crucial. Coeur Digital provides accurate reporting of social media behavioral outcomes. Indicators such as engagement rate, audience and fan-based growth are calculated and compared with those of competitors. We provide special reports and KPIs according to your needs.


What is the SMO?

SMO ( Social Media Optimization) is concerned with all the techniques and strategies intended to develop your visibility, your notoriety, and ultimately your sales on social networks.

So can social networks be profitable for my business?

Yes, undeniably! Any company is able to develop an activity on social networks that will allow it to generate income. Only, it is necessary to deploy a coherent digital strategy according to your objectives, your target and your means. Without it, engaging in SMO (Social Media Optimization) would not be very productive. This is why we spend the time necessary to identify your objectives and determine the means to deploy to enable you to accomplish them.

How do you know which social networks to go to?

Which social media to go to fully depends on your activity, target, and objectives. Whether it is, for example, obtaining brand recognition, quickly generating an audience or being recognized as an expert in your field, the choice of the social network or social networks useful for your activity can vary greatly. Contact Coeur Digital to consult about it!

How do I know if my social media optimization strategy (SMO) is working?

It all depends on the indicators that have been set and whether they are relevant to the objectives you want to achieve. Sometimes, it can be useful to be accompanied on the definition of a digital strategy and your objectives, and possibly to be trained on the proper use of social networks. This will allow you to clearly know what you need to focus on first, and you will deploy the maximum means on what is most important to you and which will produce the most results. It is then up to you to produce all the content you want which will correspond to your editorial line. But if you don’t measure your impact, you risk burning yourself out in vain.

We handle everything for you!

Our Packages


Package 1

Rs 2999 /Month*
  • Free Webiste Create On Google
  • Local SEO Promotions
  • 4 Google Informative Post
  • FB, Insta, Youtube, Linkedin Page
  • 4 Post on each Social Media Platform
  • 20 Guaranteed Leads

Package 2

Rs 5999 /Month*
  • Free Own Statics Website With Domain Hosting + 1 Year Maintanance
  • 4 Google Informative Post
  • FB, Insta, Youtube, Linkedin Page
  • 8 Post on each Social Media Platform
  • 30 Quality Backlinks Create- High DA Sites
  • 50 Guaranteed Leads

Package 3

Rs 9999 /Month*
  • Free Own Dynamic Website With Domain Hosting + 1 Year Maintanance
  • 4 Google Informative Post
  • FB, Insta, Youtube, Linkedin Page
  • 12 Post on each Social Media Platform
  • 10 Keywords Ranking On Top Of Google
  • 50 Quality Mixed Backlinks Create
  • 80 Guaranteed Leads

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